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My name is Jorg Schlagheck. I run Edmonton's finest professional handyman service. With over 25 years experience, working with my hands in many creative and skillful ways, I can truly stand behind my slogan Creative Mind - Skilled Hands. Nothing ads more value to a home than quality craftmanship and that is exactly where I focus my efforts. Whether you're looking to finish your basement, remodel your kitchen, bathroom or other rooms in the house, or you just need a ceiling fan installed, I would love to help.  Got a problem? Let's talk about a solution today!
780 257 4536
I help customers turn ideas into reality.
The first step is always to gain a full understanding of the task at hand, which is then followed by a commitment to complete the job, within the required deadlines and to the highest standards of workmanship.
No job is complete without absolute customer satisfaction.
Your job is top priority, no matter if what you need is minor plumbing (unclogging drains, changing out faucets, minor leak repair),building sheds, gutter cleaning or  window repairs. 
I am able to handle a broad range of handyman tasks and will always advise you in a professional manner. This includes turning down certain jobs that I feel someone else might be more qualified for.
Decide to hire me, and  I will personally show up at your place to do the work. My customers are most important and I treat anyone in a friendly, respectful manner. My work is insured.
Besides English I also speak German, Spanish and French.
Call: 780 257 4536

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Who are my customers?
"If you are looking for a handyman or someone to do quality work in your house you must connect with Joerg Schlagheck he is amazing!!!!!!"
Kristy Lea
"Jorge does great work for reasonable prices. He sure did for us."
Jorg replaced a range hood for me and did a great job at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend his handyma...
If you own a building, whether it is your house, a rental property, a shop or an office; you most likely have a list of things to do regarding maintenance and repairs. Feel free to call me with your list (780 257 4536), and let's tackle it before it becomes a big nightmare.
My customers are also your family. How about your cousin Frieda with her beautiful long hair, and the notoriously clogged shower drain? Or uncle Bob, whose Ikea furniture is still "brand new in the box" six months after purchase? Those are made up examples, but they demonstrate what kind of people can be my customers. Do you know someone who would benefit from my services?