I want to be your Handyman

My Name is Jorg Schlagheck.
Throughout my career I have worked in a variety of fields and different positions. Almost all of them involved mainly solving problems with my own hands; repairing, building or otherwise creating things. This is were my strength lies.
Now you, your friends and family can alll directly benefit. Starting a professional handyman service on my own was a dream come true, but also a logical progression.
My true passion is in helping people like you, form relationships through good customer service and personal growth. There is always room for improvement; the key is to never stop learning.
Why a handyman service?
After holding a number of positions that challenged and built my handiman skills, I had found my niche as a professional handyman/ maintenance person for a medium size rental company. The direct contact with tenants and lots of positive feedback convinced me to take it a step further; to start my own handiman business.
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