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Ever since becoming a handyman, drywall repair has been one of the main services I provide. To be perfectly honest, I did not always enjoy working with this material. While the challenge of repairing a badly damaged wall or ceiling without visible trace had immediaely appealed to me, I dreaded the dust that seemed simply unavoidable. Even with a protective mask it always felt like some dust was getting straight into my lungs. Clients were usually very polite, but I could sense that they didn't enjoy the dust in their home any more than I did.
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No more Dusty Drywall Jobs !

There had to be a better way, so I searched for one and found it. It is really pretty simple and anyone who is planning some major drywall work, whether repairing a damaged wall or ceiling, or doing some more extensive renovations, should consider purchasing the equipment that makes it possible. A lot of people already have a shop vacuum. However, those vacuums are not suited to handle drywall dust unless the right filter bag is used. It is not enough to simply hold the vacuum hose close to the spot you are sanding. The best way to catch dust before it gets a chance to become air born is to use a sanding pad that is directly connected to the vacuum cleaner hose and sucks the dust through a sanding mesh that is used instead of sandpaper.

Why bother with equipment and messy plaster?

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