The following is a list of some services I offer. Handyman services includes a broad range of different tasks, so even if your particular job job is not  listed here, it may be something I do well. You can always call: 780 257 4536
  1. Outside
    - Building sheds (from scratch or kit) - Deck, fence repairs - Landscaping tasks, snow removal - Odd jobs
  2. Exterior
    - Fascia/soffit repair (bungalow) - Windows (installation/ repair) - Doors (installation, repair) - Painting - Stairs and handrails - Gutters and downspouts (cleaning, repair)
  3. Interior
    - Dry-wall (repairs, installation,water damage) - Carpentry (baseboards, mouldings, shelves, more) - Laminate floors - Painting
  4. Kitchen
    - Range hoods - Sink, faucet, drain (repair, replacement) - Tile work (countertop, backsplash.. more) - Repair cupboards, drawers
  5. Bathroom
    - Toilet (repair, replace) - Sink, bathtub, shower (drains, fixtures... more) - Tile work (tub surround, shower surround, floor) - Linoleum floor
  6. Plumbing
    - Minor leak repairs - Drain repairs and unclogging - Repair or install fixtures
  7. Electrical
    - Switches and outlets (install, replace) - Light fixtures, ceiling fans (install, replace) - Thermostat (replace) - Smoke detectors
  8. Basement
    - Minor crack repair - Insulation - Finishing work
  9. Rental Units
    - Clean up after tenants - Complete reconditioning of the unit - Maintenance and repairs
  10. Odd Jobs
    This is my favourite category. Do you have something that nobody seems to specialize in? Not sure who to call? Please give me a try! I have a passion for odd jobs. The possibilities are just too many to list here.
  11. Painting
    - Painting for all your interior. - Painting for the exterior of your house, shed, garage, fence, deck. - Painting for the odds and ends; items that you value.
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