​Tiles are beautiful

Can you imagine what tiles could add to the look of your home?
Whether you are thinking of repairing or renovating your bathroom or kitchen, or even adding some unique tile decor to other parts of your home, quality tile work can really enhance the value of your house.
As a professional handyman I have done numerous unique tiling works, each challenging in its own way, but rewarding for both the property owner and myself once completed.
What is your tiling challenge? Do you have a kitchen backsplash that needs some extra fine tiling? Perhaps your old shower surround just needs some patching up to protect the wall behind it while you decide on your long term tiling solution? Do you have an ugly old countertop that could benefit from some tiling transformation? Even a window or a fireplace can look amazing whentransformed with a tiled surround. The possibilities range from simple tile rpairs, new tiled walls and floors, to artistic and unique mosaik work with tiles. If you're thinking of a tiled enhancement for your home, call 780 257 4536. Friendly quality service with all kinds of tiles.

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When all you need is a Tile Repair

Sometimes you may not need an entirely new tiling job. Often it is only a small part of your tiled wall or floor that shows wear and possibly leakage. This can lead to damage of the structural wall and always needs attention sooner rather than later.
If you have a partially damaged tile wall, a partial repair may be the most cost effective solution. Even if the exact matching tiles are no longer available, something that comes close may look acceptable and add years of life to your existing shower stall, backsplash or floor, without breaking the bank. 
Let's discuss the options; please do not hesitate to call me at 780 257 4536.
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