Two tone Paint

Why not ad a unique touch to your building?

A quality paint job adds immesurable value.

Are you a landlord or real estate investor who owns buildings with common areas? The hallways and stairwells of your building make the first impression on potential tenants and customers. Wainscoting, along with a two tone paint sceme can help attract the right people, especially in today's competive rental market. To find out how you can gain an edge on your competition, call me today at 780 257 4536. Your old building can look fresh and inviting again. Your tenants and customers will appreciate it, which can prove to be priceless.
There are numerous advantages to a two tone paint sceme. Not only does it completely transform the appearance of your building's important common areas in a most cost effective way, it can also reduce future maintenance costs. The upper portion of your walls rarely gets damaged by people moving. Mostof the damage usually happens to the lower part of the walls. Ensure lower future repair costs by adding wainscoting and a sharp looking two tone paint sceme now! Call 780 257 4536!
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Buy Now
Jorg Schlagheck can handle the entire process of remodeling your hallways. We are fully ensured for liability and WCB.
Do your walls need more than just paint and mouldings? Jorg Schlagheck specializes in drywall repair. We can assess your walls and do the rpairs needed.
Jorg Schlagheck is no stranger to apartment buildings. We will be courteous and friendly to your tenants while repairs are in progress.
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